About Us

UK-SL Health Partners is a network of organisations and partnerships that are working to support the health system in Sierra Leone. The network was launched in 2012 and is currently supported by the King’s Centre for Global Health.

Our Vision:
Our vision is for everyone in Sierra Leone to have equitable access to a strong health system and appropriate health information, leading to improved health outcomes.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to enable organisations that are working to improve health in Sierra Leone to cooperate through a grassroots network. We strive to facilitate better communication and the sharing of experiences and resources, whilst fostering opportunities for collaboration. We believe that our activities should be aligned with the policy and operational contexts of Sierra Leone, with local ownership and mutual accountability.

Our Aims
• To create a platform for learning and sharing of experiences between organisations working to improve health in Sierra Leone.
• To provide a vector through which organisations can share information and resources in order to improve the work of organisations working in Sierra Leone.
• To facilitate opportunities for different organisations to collaborate together.

Our Activities
• Organise an annual conference and network meeting.
• Develop a website to facilitate online resource sharing and communication.
• Create a working group to organise the network and enable further development.